The TeH Machine

The TeH Machine

The TeH tea machine is the only one that allows perfect brewing at a temperature between 70° and 95°C for 2-4 minutes. It recognizes what type of tea capsule has been chosen and automatically sets the brewing time and temperature accordingly. Just like inside a teapot, the tea infuses and brews, it isn’t percolated or pressurised. In an exclusive and patented infusion chamber, the leaves, flowers, buds and fruit are brewed at a specific temperature and for a specific amount of time to suit each capsule. The result is a perfect cup of tea. The TeH® tea machine delivers the right taste, with the same precision of a tea specialist's expert hand. Enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of tea, revealing all the organoleptic qualities and delivering the specific benefits of each infusion.

The advantages of our Tea Machine:

  • Intelligent infusion chamber

  • Automatic temperature adjustment between 70° and 95°

  • Automatic adjustment of brewing time

  • Decorative design

  • Slimline, fits at the back of the worktop

  • Easy to use and to clean

  • Strong, transparent tea capsules

  • Tea blends of the highest quality

Consult the  Machine Instructions and the Brochure  

199,00 € 199.0 EUR

199,00 €

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OUR Teas Menu 
OUR Teas Menu 
Black Tea
Green Tea

which teas to choose ?

Choosing a tea isn’t always an easy task. The taste is important of course but you also have to think about the benefits you want. To help you choose, our Tea Master has created a table to categorise his blends:

Each column represents a benefit: an invigorating boost to get the day off to a good start? Soothing for a good night's sleep? Helps digestion? Antioxidant? Detox?

Each line has a different flavour: do you fancy fruity or spicy? Floral or herbal?

The coloured capsules tell you wheter the tea is black, green or an infusion. Do you like surprises? Choose the blue capsule from our Discovery range!