Cleaning capsules box

Cleaning capsules box

The TeHeart® infusion chamber in your tea machine should ideally be cleaned after every 50 infusions. Our cleaning capsules make this a breeze. To guarantee the exceptional quality of the teas (Link to the menu) in our range, we recommend that you clean the infusion chamber after every 50 infusions. This regular maintenance of your machine is essential to its lifespan and the quality of your infusions. A counter integrated into the machine lets you know when it is time to carry out this cleaning cycle. A special program shown on the tea machine display will guide you through the process. The instructions for use are included in your instruction manual. Descaling with our descaling capsules is also recommended once a month.

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9,90 €

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OUR Teas Menu 
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which teas to choose ?

Choosing a tea isn’t always an easy task. The taste is important of course but you also have to think about the benefits you want. To help you choose, our Tea Master has created a table to categorise his blends:

Each column represents a benefit: an invigorating boost to get the day off to a good start? Soothing for a good night's sleep? Helps digestion? Antioxidant? Detox?

Each line has a different flavour: do you fancy fruity or spicy? Floral or herbal?

The coloured capsules tell you wheter the tea is black, green or an infusion. Do you like surprises? Choose the blue capsule from our Discovery range!