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Our Tea Master explains what you need to know about tea to get the most out of this drink of a thousand virtues.  You will discover a delicate and complex raw material that has inspired us to create a unique intelligent  tea machine that is the only one of its kind.

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1- What actually is tea?

Tea is made from the leaves of the tea plant, a shrub known as Camellia sinensis. 
The youngest tea leaves are picked to produce a high quality tea, as they are softer and richer in nutrients with beneficial health effects.

2- What’s the difference between green tea and black tea?

The same tea plant can be used to produce green or black tea. It's actually the same leaves that are used in both. The difference is in how they are processed after being picked.
Green tea is green in colour because its leaves are briefly heated very quickly after harvesting. This stops oxidation. As a result they don’t go black… unlike black tea, where oxidation is deliberately prolonged.
The taste of green tea is fresher and more invigorating than black tea, which is rounder and more full-bodied.

3- How do you prepare tea properly?

    Water is a very important factor. You have to choose a water that doesn't have a very strong taste. Spring water is perfect (our Tea Master recommends using SPA mineral water). Tap water will do providing it isn’t too chlorinated.

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The temperature of the water is extremely important. As a general rule, for black tea it should be between 90°C and 100°C, for green tea it should be under 80°C. Pouring water on to tea that’s too hot effectively cooks it without it having time to reach its full potential.

Our TeH machine therefore tailors the temperature and infusion time to suit each type of tea. It is the only tea machine on the market that allows perfect brewing at a temperature between 70° and 95°C for 2-4 minutes.



4- How should tea be stored?

Tea is fragile. It should be stored well away from heat, moisture and air.

 Our tea capsules store the tea leaves perfectly

5- What is the difference between high quality tea and a tea bag?

The sap that rises in the branches is concentrated in the bud and the first leaves surrounding it. It is this sap that is responsible for all the aromas and health benefits in the plant.
High quality tea is therefore made from the buds and the first 3 crowns (80 to 95% of the benefits of tea). Lower quality tea is made from everything underneath that, even the wood is ground up (3 to 5% of the benefits of tea).

You will only find the highest quality tea in our tea capsules vous ne trouverez que du thé de la plus haute qualité.


6- The importance of tea across the world

Tea is the second most popular drink in the world after water: 6,000 cups of tea are drunk every second around the world and there are over 10,000 different varieties of tea.

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7- Is tea good for you?

Tea has many health benefits: for example, it is the natural product richest in antioxidants (which combat cell ageing and deterioration), and vitamin C, ... provided it is properly infused.

100g of dried tea usually contains: 
300mg Vitamin C, 100mg Vitamin E, 11mg Vitamin B, 15mg beta carotene, 35% polyphenols (antioxidants) , 1% chlorophyll


Example: correctly infused at 70°C,: Serenissim Gyocuro thé vert Japonais is rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C

Have you got it? For hassle free enjoyment, discover our unique machine unique.

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which teas to choose ?

Choosing a tea isn’t always an easy task. The taste is important of course but you also have to think about the benefits you want. To help you choose, our Tea Master has created a table to categorise his blends:

Each column represents a benefit: an invigorating boost to get the day off to a good start? Soothing for a good night's sleep? Helps digestion? Antioxidant? Detox?

Each line has a different flavour: do you fancy fruity or spicy? Floral or herbal?

The coloured capsules tell you wheter the tea is black, green or an infusion. Do you like surprises? Choose the blue capsule from our Discovery range!