when the tea lover  Discovers his machine

the tea machine that
changes eveything

Sophisticated technology behind your cup of tea

The tea machine from TEH promises to deliver “the perfect cup, every time”. 
The TEH machine isn't trying to change the way the tea is prepared, but instead to create the best possible conditions to prepare and express each variety.

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 ”With its "TeHeart" infusion chamber, the TEH machine respects the delicate equation of time, temperature and volume of water specific to each tea to deliver just the right taste, with even greater precision than a tea specialist's expert hand. Enjoy a perfectly balanced cup of tea, revealing all the wonderful flavours and delivering the specific benefits of each infusion. “It took ten years to develop this tea machine, explains Luc Van Belleghem. We worked with engineering offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Great Britain, each of which had their own contribution to make. Today, I'm quite sure that our machine delivers the highest quality.”


A magical tea capsules whit a host of qualities… A treasure trove of pleasure, the capsule contains the precious tea leaves, protected from exposure to the air, humidity and the sun's harmful rays, preserving that delicate freshness ready to delight the customer whenever it's time for tea.
Its eye-catching transparent design reveals the varied shapes and colours of the tea leaves. The easily removed seal releases a delicious whirl of aromas.  

The capsule is then inserted into the machine and tells the system exactly what temperature and infusion time is required for the tea it contains. Sealed in the heart of the "Teh eart" machine, it forms the perfect infusion chamber, extracting all the subtlety of the ephemeral aromas from the steam of the infusion to bring you this marvellous drink, unique to each individual tea.

Sophisticated technology behing your cup of tea

Sustainable production

Ethics are at the heart of our research


Developed through an unfailing search for perfection, TeH is committed to using an ethical approach. Committed to sound ethics and motivated by undeniable idealism, we are continually striving to reduce our ecological footprint. We think carefully about every stage of the production process, from selecting the tea to the thrill of the first sip, always remembering the mantra: reduce, substitute, recycle. To make you feel even more “tea-rrific”, all our tea capsules can be recycled.  


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OUR Teas Menu 
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which teas to choose ?

Choosing a tea isn’t always an easy task. The taste is important of course but you also have to think about the benefits you want. To help you choose, our Tea Master has created a table to categorise his blends:

Each column represents a benefit: an invigorating boost to get the day off to a good start? Soothing for a good night's sleep? Helps digestion? Antioxidant? Detox?

Each line has a different flavour: do you fancy fruity or spicy? Floral or herbal?

The coloured capsules tell you wheter the tea is black, green or an infusion. Do you like surprises? Choose the blue capsule from our Discovery range!